Why Do You And Your Children Need Brace Early On?

Why Do You And Your Children Need Brace Early On?

The reason that you need braces is that your teeth are misaligned causing a deep bite scenario and it does not look great on a smile. Having braces treatment will help you have the confidence to smile again. Nevertheless, there are three types of categories of why your teeth are misaligned.

Type one, where the anterior-posterior dimension of your teeth it's exactly spot-on but there's something else going on. It can either be crowding where you have overlapping of your top or bottom teeth or spacing, or we can even have a deep bite which is where your top teeth overlap your bottom teeth too much.

Type two is where your top teeth are too much in front of your bottom teeth. So, in that situation you can have a deep bite meaning you barely see your bottom teeth when you smile, you can have crowding or spacing.

Type three is where your bottom teeth are in front of your top teeth and that can be an open bite situation where when you smile your front teeth don't fit together all the way or a deep bite situation and we can also have to crowd our spacing.

Besides you need braces to fix your teeth to look great. Braces help fix deep bite scenarios. If you are having problems chewing food or feel uncomfortable eating. Braces are one method of fixing deep bite scenarios.

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We do recommend children by the age of 7 come to do checkups before the problem grows larger. We will be able to straighten crooked teeth, guide the permanent teeth into better positions, correct bite problems and prevent the need for tooth extraction at a young age. By identifying the problem early you can reduce or eliminate the need for more extensive work later on.

If you are a parent, you can spot the symptom if your child needs a brace: Lose their baby teeth early or late Difficulty chewing or biting Breathing out of the mouth Sucking finger or thumb all the time Jaw make sound and shift Biting the cheek or roof of the mouth Teeth that meet abnormally or not all Jaws and teeth that are out of proportion to the rest of the face

If you spot these signs, please be sure to come to us for inspection.

If you are afraid the brace is uncomfortable, as today technology advances, so do braces. Today brace is a combination of tiny brackets that attach to the teeth and wires that connect the brackets together they guide the teeth in the right direction the brackets are made of plastic ceramic or metal some are clear and nearly invisible with braces. It is comfortable to wear and your child still can sport or if you are worried, you can use a mouth guard that fits over their braces the only thing bracer wearer have to avoid some food and drink that can interfere with their braces

How long do you have to wear a brace? That depends on the individual situation. Normally, it takes one to three years depending on the individual. That is why you need to quickly identify the problem early, the quicker it can be treated, reducing the time frame needed to correct your teeth and reducing the possibility of more extensive work.

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