Why You Should Do Regular Check Up For Teeth?

Why You Should Do Regular Check Up For Teeth?

Regular Teeth Check Up is important to ensure you have great oral health

It is an essential part of caring for your overall health. You may ask if your teeth are not in pain, why you should bother to schedule a check up with a dentist?

1) Dental checkups prevent tooth decay and tartar

Most people fail to clean the hard-to-reach places in their mouth when brushing their teeths. The most common place that most people miss out is back molars(The last teeth aka wisdom tooth), which are the most difficult to clean. Failure to clean properly will result in tooth decay.

We will check your teeth to look for early indications of tooth decay. In the event that we discover white spots on the teeth, we will advise the patient for treatment to reverse the decay with dental fillings.

Furthermore, we will do tooth cleaning professionally to remove tartar(yellow stain) from the teeth and gums. This will ensure your teeth and gums from attacks by harmful bacteria that make their home and tartar.

Dentist Bukit Jalil gum disease

2) A day with a dental, keep gum disease away

Generally, the beginning phases of gum disease have no indications. This makes it difficult for an individual to identify gum disease in their mouths. Fortunately, we are prepared to spot hidden gum sickness in any event.

During a checkup, we will check if your teeth gums are firm, swelling, having subsiding gums or profound gum pockets. On the off chance that we find any of these stressing and hidden symptoms.

All early gum infection disappears when your improves their oral health, and we are ready to advise you how to protect your gem.

Dentist Bukit Jalil oral cancer examination

3) Have you heard of Month/Oral Cancer?

Yes, your Oral Cancer is a thing. If you have oral cancer you do not feel pain. That is why you need to have your month check. It could cause death ☠. The global survival check is 65%. Come to us. We will provide the proper medication and advise.

How long do i need a dental check up?

Normally it takes about one year. Unless you have any emergency or pain. You will need to see us right away. Yearly checkup helps you save money in the long run because you have preventative measures in place to detect early sign problems.

Alright, how much does a dental check up cost?

The price of a dental check up may change depending on the person. From time-to-time we have special pricing and offers. Call us, get in touch if you would like to check the price with us.icing and offers. Call us, get in touch if you would like to check the price with us.

I am feel nervous going to a dentist

It is ok to feel this way, we have an environment to let you feel calm. A lot of people feel this way. You are no exception. You can relax with us, we are easy going and tell us your information. We are happy to help you feel relaxed.

Ok You have convinced me, what to do next?

Give us a call🤙, we can schedule an appointment with our top professional dentist. We will discuss your dental health or any concern you may have. We will do a full check up of all areas of your mouth including teeth and gums. If needed, we will have to take x-rays and help you to understand oral conditions to detect early in great detail.

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