Why You Should See Endodontist?

Why You Should See Endodontist?

Endodontic is the treatment for the root within the tooth. If you have intolerance to pain. Or you have experienced tooth sensitivity to cold or hot. Or you have swelling around your teeth, gums or face. You should see endodontics immediately. Not every dentist practices endodontist.

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Endodontists are specialists and we are focused on diagnosing tooth pain and 3 year more of education than normal dentists do. We are skilled in finding the main cause of the pain which other normal dentists do not do.

When the patient comes to us, we understand their pain and require our immediate attention while maintaining our composure to provide the consultation.

We provide a bitewing shot to reveal your teeth and provide critical information for us to examine your teeth. We analyze the pulp chamber, caries and all kinds of good clues about what went wrong inside your teeth.

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When thinking how to strategically access your root canal. We have to take a CBCT(Cone beam computed tomography) scan to reveal your whole teeth structure. It will be something like this. CBCT scans your teeth 360 degrees. Also known as 3D x rays machine. It gives us detailed visualization of patient abnormal teeth. There are many possible patients feeling the pain or unease.

  1. The calcium deposits may cause your teeth root canal pain. If you do not take care of your teeth property, eat healthy or brush teeth twice a day. Calcium deposit will grow inside root canals.

  2. Patients can get may inflamed or infected tissue which results in a swollen month. By using the CBCT, we are able to spot the inflamed tissue and create a strategy to remove it with less time and pain. If needed, anesthesia will be provided before operation.

  3. Your teeth root appears to have radix , has an odd entity or your teeth root is pointing away. We will have to take action immediately. We provide you with strategically how to access your root canal to remove the teeth root, calcium deposits or inflamed tissue.

To start the procedures, we will place a rubber dam clamp on the teeth and provide an outline/focus on patient faulty teeth. Then we will go for your teeth. We provide professional and painless service to remove patient faulty teeth roots or inflamed tissue.

We remove the inflamed or infected pulp, carefully cleans and shapes the inside of the tooth. Later we can help you restore the teeth with a crown after the surgery. After restoration, the tooth will look like other tooths. We ensure our patient the process will be painless as possible and if you have a problem staying numb we can administer numbing medications for the patient.

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Such an operation should be handled by a professional and we believe we have the tools and skill to do it. We also provide consultants after the procedures are carried out and advise on how to deal with the pain after surgery. If you are around bukit jalil, walk in and meet our Endodontist.

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